Our Values

We are passionate people.
Passionate about our job as a hotelier, and passionate about the values we carry.
Our Hotel Gondwana ** reflects this. We took 9 years to make our project a reality, it took us perseverance, confidence and tenacity. Without being compromised, we are happy to have gone to the end of our vision which is based on strong values:


At the Gondwana Hotel **, we are proud of our Caledonian roots and love to value the diversity of our cultures.
Local statues hang in the lobby area represent the five mainland tribes.
All our rooms are local spirit lifted with pictures of local children.
The patio is decorated with local woods and planted with local fruit and vegetables.


We also want our hotel to be a place to live and where you feel good. For example, there are spaces to meet, to participate in workshops organized within the hotel, to create groups of public talks, etc.
Community, sharing and connection are meaningful to us and reflect the world in which we love to live and contribute.


Caring parenting is a subject that is important to us, so children are definitely taken into consideration in our hotel where many services are dedicated to them.
We are attentive to the details that parents will notice because we like to welcome children as people in their own right.


For us ecology is not simply sorting out waste or finding alternatives to air conditioning. It is of course that, but not only.
For us, ecology is on a broader side, a way of living and a wide and open way of thinking.
From the construction of the hotel, now HQE certified (High Environmental Quality), to the management style of the team members, the treatment of waste until the consideration of our guests, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to be labeled “Eco- responsible “.


Success is always based on team work, our team is made out of you our cherished guests and those working behind the scene ensuring you are having a pleasant stay with us:


Comes from “Ouéholle” tribe located 36km from the Kaala Gomen village, northen part of the mainland of New Caledonia. She speaks the Xuanga dialect.
She is the staff member that has been in the team the longest therefore gets the respect from all the team members and plays an important role in the housekeeping department. What she likes best about being in the hotel is meeting new people every day.


From “Canala”, mainland, she speaks…
Also part of the housekeeping department she loves cleaning and respects dearly her role. Full of energy she helps in making a joyful working environment and is very dedicated to her work.


Comes from “Ponerihouen”, northern part of the mainland of New Caledonia, working as a receptionist for several years now she enjoys meeting up with people and knows well how to listen to our guests needs and requirements. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge about the island with overseas travelers and always happy to give out sightseeing recommendations.


Originally from “Raiatea” French Polynesia, also called “under the wind influence island”. She speaks the “Maohi”. Member of the housekeeping department, she enjoys meeting people. Meticulous, persistent and reliable she is always hears to our guest and ensure cleanliness of the place.


Comes from the “Wakuarory” tribe from the Maré island, Marie leads the front office team. Very polyvalent she is very appreciated from all her colleagues. Always happy to also give a hand to the housekeeping team and even excels at handling some maintenance tools. Very dedicated to the well being of all our guests Marie is a real asset in our team. In her spare time she enjoys working in the fields, listening to music and walking treks.


Comes from the “Ema” tribe from Canala, east coast of the mainland of New Caledonia. Glenda was already a receptionist from the old hotel old days and after going exploring the island she has decided to join us back with the opening of the new hotel. She loves meeting up with people from all horizons and is always willing to share about the wonders of her island. In her spare time Glenda loves gardening.


From Noumea, Multitasks, very punctual and always happy to help. He looks after the everyday maintenance of the hotel and enjoys bringing comfort to our guests by ensuring everything works in order. The hotel team members appreciate him for his polyvalence, pleasant attitude and readiness to assist everyone.


From Futuna island. Dedicated to her housekeeping role, she loves her job and enjoys working with her colleagues and meeting new people. In her spare time she enjoys reading, listening to music and being among her family and friends.


Comes from the “Mou” tribe in Ponerihouen (northern part of the mainland) Jeanette always has a big smile on her face when welcoming guests. Always in good mood she is very attentive to guests needs. In her spare time she enjoys reading and listening to music.


From Wallis island. Very approachable Chanel is always happy to share about his culture with the guests. He keeps the quietness of the hotel at night and ensures everyone can enjoy a pleasant sleep.


Originally from New Caledonia, Emanuelle travelled around a bit and learnt the tricks of hotel management skills while working in New Zealand. Passionate about the hotel industry she decided to come back to New Caledonia where she is happily sharing her skills and work values with the younger generation. Improving guest satisfaction is always her number one goal and she enjoys being able to contribute in making New Caledonia known as a beautiful and friendly destination to overseas guests.


Originally from France, Bruno is a well experienced globe trotter, visiting islands to islands over the last past twenty years he has this way build up his experience in managing hotels. Sharing his experiences and knowledges remain his everyday motivation.


Born in Noumea, Savina is the person who brought the Gondwana project to life. Implicated and loveable mother she is very cautious in making choices relevant with her life values. Her primarily focus is that all babies and children from the islands and abroad receive a special welcome while staying at the hotel and are treated as number one guests.


In love with New Caledonia for over 18 years now Sebastien’s wish was to combine a project which was respectful to the environment while having encouraging economic outcomes. Implicated and very active in developing alternative ways for a better living (bio dynamic agricultural fields, democratic schools etc).


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